One of the most rewarding experiences in my photography career is being a family's photographer. There is nothing quite like having the opportunity to capture all of your family's milestones as you journey through life. 
Below is a collection of images from my journey with Sheri's family. These images span nearly 7 years. From family portraits to weddings to the heartbreak of letting go. I am grateful for Sheri and her family and am humbled to have been asked to capture these moments.
Sheri's family was impacted by congenital heart disease. Congenital heart defects occur in 1 out of 100 babies and 25% of those babies will require surgery or other interventions to survive. I can't begin to express the magnitude of impact it had on me to witness the grace with which Sheri's family persevered. To raise awareness and to support families impacted by CHD, please consider donating to your local children's hospital or The Children's Heart Foundation.
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